Your Current Executive

Elected every two years, the Club Executive works all year round to bring you the classes, workshops, and events you enjoy. Without their hard work, the Club wouldn’t exist, so if you see one of them, thank them for everything they do.

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TJ Al-Himrary


TJ is an engineer with a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Calgary. During the day, he is a consultant in rotating equipment. He joined the Club in 1992, when his girlfriend (now wife) asked him to join a dance class. TJ then went on to became a TA in 1993 and has worked as a TA in all the classes offered by the club from level 1 to the level 3 or Advanced class. During that time, TJ worked with various professionals: Jojo Belmonte, Kim Donaghy, Michele Guimond, and Bryan Senn. TJ enjoys all dances but has a weak spot for Quickstep and Cha Cha. When he isn’t dancing, he enjoys motorcycling, playing Squash, and travelling. TJ would like to grow the club, improve the quality of our offerings, and to help members build a solid foundation of dance to make it easier to later learn the more intricate patterns.

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Sandra Hosler

Vice President

Sandra studied accounting in College and is currently working as a property manager. She got into dancing through a coworker who recommended dance as a great way to get out and get moving. Sandra had always wanted to dance, went with her coworkers to a class, and well, fifteen years later she’s still dancing. Sandra was first elected to the Club Executive in March 2008 and has been an active presence on the Executive since then. Her favorite dances are Waltz and East Coast Swing, and she tries to spend as much of her free time with her grandchildren as she can. Sandra believes that the club is unique and she would like to work towards keeping that alive and well for many years into the future. She would like to see the social side of the club continue to grow and is always looking for new ways to make the club as great as it can be.

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Eva Gyonyor


Eva is a Clinical Researcher by day, and studied at SAIT. She was first introduced to dancing through personal interest when she looked online for dance classes and found our Club. That was six years ago and she has been dancing ever since, and has been part of the Club’s volunteer corp for five years. Eva enjoys all dances but has a soft spot for Bolero, Waltz, Triple Two Step and Rumba. During her recently-started tenancy as Secretary for the Club, Eva hopes to learn the background of how the Club runs so that she can effectively support the Club. In her spare time, Eva enjoys bike riding, gardening, and watching her grandchildren play hockey.

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Eleanor Chow


Eleanor studied accounting at SAIT and currently holds a Chartered Professional Accountant of Alberta (CPA) designation. During the day, she is a Risk Analyst at an oil and gas company – a position she has held for over 30 years. Eleanor first got into dancing by attending line dance classes as a form of exercise and eventually branched out into ballroom dancing. Eleanor first joined the University of Calgary Ballroom Dance Club in 2010 as a keen student in International Standard and Latin dances and recently completed full bronze level examinations in both styles. She has demonstrated her enthusiasm for dancing by participating in Pro/Am dance competitions in 2015 – 2016. Her favorite dances are Rumba and Tango, and in her spare time she enjoys travelling, swimming, and Tai Chi. Eleanor would like to contribute to the Club executive by finding opportunities to streamline accounting processes to better support the Club’s book-keeping and records practices.

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Currently Vacant

Promotional Director

The role of Promotional Director is all about reaching out to the Calgary dance community (and beyond) and looking for new opportunities to collaborate with other organizations, dance studios, etc. This role needs someone who is creative, imaginative, outgoing, and with a good understanding of what’s going on in Calgary for dance studios, clubs, and other organizations who might be interested in collaborating with The Calgary Dance Club. 

If you are interested in taking on this role with the Club Executive, please send us an email to

Julie Babione

Communications Director

Julie holds an M.Sc. in Computer Science and a Graphics Design certificate from the University of Calgary. She is currently working as a User Experience/Human Factors researcher and designer in health care. First introduced to ballroom dance and the Club as an undergraduate student in 2000, she recently joined the Executive as a Communications Director. Julie’s favorite dances are Hustle and Salsa, but enjoys most other dances as well. In her spare time, she enjoys knitting, spending time with friends and family, and travelling. With her background in all things technology, user experience, and graphics design, she has taken on the Club’s recent re-branding and social media ramp up to help revitalize the Club’s communications and club experience practices. She also helps to build the website content and look-and-feel.

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Camellia Hune

Social Director

Cam is currently enjoying retirement after a thirty-three year career as a high school teacher. Her first introduction to dance came as a child through Ballet and Tap, and has been dancing with the Club since 2011 and on the Executive since 2014. Her favorite dance is East Coast Swing, and in her spare time Cam enjoys going for long walks in the forest, camping, photography, and travel. In her role as Social Director, Cam would like to support the Club in it’s efforts to increase Club membership and to promote the enjoyment of the Club’s dance events.

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Pamela Mann

Director at Large

Pam holds an MA in English Literature and a Bachelor of Education. She is currently enjoying retirement after a life-long career as a teacher. Her first introduction to dance was through an advertisement in a City of Calgary brochure for dance classes, decided to check them out, and has been dancing ever since. She has been with the club since 1997 and a TA for over ten years. In 2010 she took on the role of Director at Large and has served on the Executive ever since. favorite dances are Rumba and West Coast Swing, and in her spare time enjoys reading and gardening. In her role on the Executive, Pam would like to see more people join the Club because it is a fun place to dance, meet people, and improve one’s health.

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Steve Van

Director at Large

Steve is a controller of multiple companies during the day. His first introduction to dance was through friends who invited him to join them in learning to dance as a means of enjoyably attending functions together. Steve has been an active member, teaching assistant, instructor, past President of the club, and participated in dance competitions for over 25 years. While he enjoys all dances, Bolero is his favorite. In his spare time, Steve enjoys cooking, reading, and crossword puzzles. In his current role on the Executive, Steve wants to enhance the fun aspects of the club, encourage members to develop their dance skills, and generally promote positive club experiences like what he experienced over 25 years ago.

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