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Our Events

For when you just can’t get enough dancing, the club holds a variety of events throughout the year.

Monthly Dances

As a social dance community, our monthly dances are where you can catch up with your fellow dancers, practice and show off your newly-learned skills, and be inspired to learn more through watching others dance. These theme dances begin with a one hour workshop (taught by either a club instructor or a guest instructor), and occasionally feature steps or dances not normally covered in our dance classes.

We hold monthly dances in September, October, January, February, April, May and June.  To find more information about our monthly dances including any coming soon, please watch the announcements page (and/or the home page).


We offer two variations of workshops throughout the year.   To find more information about our workshops, please watch the announcements page (and/or the home page).

Select Friday Nights

In addition to our weeknight dance schedule, we also hold workshops on select Friday evenings. Taught by dance professionals or club instructors, these workshops typically feature dances that are not taught in our regular classes or refreshers of dances taught earlier in the year.

Three Week Workshops

After our regular class sessions end in November and April, we also hold three-week workshops, taught by dance professionals, consist of one and half hour lessons, run for three weeks, and include dances such as American Tango, Viennese Waltz, Bolero, Quickstep, Night Club Two Step, or Hustle.

Christmas and Primavera Ball

Christmas Dance 2017

Christmas Dance 2017

We celebrate our love of dance twice a year through two special dinner dance galas: our Christmas and Primavera balls, which are semi-formal events that include dancing to music played by a professional DJ, dance performances by professionals and talented club members, raffles, open cash bar and a delicious dinner

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