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TA Training Camp 2018

Fellow Dancers
Please mark your calendars for the following dates

Teaching Assistants training (this year only 4 classes)
Tuesday 14 Aug,
Thursday 16 August
Tuesday 21 Aug,
Thursday 23 August

Tryouts on Monday 27 August (auditions for TA positions)

Allocation and assignment of duties is on Thursday 30 August. First TA training session will be on Thursday 6 Sept.

All above sessions will be at Grace Presbyterian Church at 1009 15 Ave SW, from 7 to 9 pm.

All are welcome to join the classes which will focus on the technique and the basics of the various dances that the club teaches.

These classes will help you work on the finer points of dance skills that would make the patterns you learnt look and feel better.

Prior dance experience is recommended as we will not be teaching the patterns themselves but rather the underlying aspects of dancing such as lead and follow, footwork, timing, dance techniques, etc. We will use the patterns taught in level 1 last year to teach the above aspects of dancing.

So even if one does not intend to become a TA, the training would be an excellent path to learn the essence of dancing directly from our professional instructor. It only happens once a year and is not to be missed for those who are looking to upgrade their skills.

Please download and fill the attached application form and questionnaire and bring both with you to the fist class, (15 to 20 minutes early please). The website will present the option to pay by Paypal in a few days, or you may fill the forms at the class and pay in cash or cheque.  Parking is free, as long as you make sure to get a parking sheet (normally placed inside the church, near the entrance) and place it on the dash of your car.
This year our TAs will be focusing on helping our new and current members in our levels 1 and 2 classes, as well as Latin, Westcoast and Argentine Tango. Our experienced TAs are our most valuable asset and they will be asked to help out in those classes. This is the fastest and most effective means for our new members to improve and enjoy the dancing experience. We are known to provide good instruction, personalised attention, and a sense of community. This enforces these aspects of our club.
We will not have TAs for International, or level 3 classes this year.

To qualify as a TA, the following conditions must be satisfied

1) You are able to communicate clearly in English

2) You were a TA or Instructor for the club in the 2017-2018 season


You had completed at least TWO YEARS in Level 2 or higher since 2015 at the Club classes


by special permission, those who demonstrate exceptional dancing and communication skills and have not been members of the club in the past. Permission is granted by the executive based on recommendations by the Professional Instructor.

3) You have read and agree to follow the requirements of the TA policy and Manual

4) You pay the fee for the TA training sessions ($50 plus $10 membership), attend the sessions, and
audition successfully during the tryous at the end of the training.

We will be sending emails closer to the time of the session to report any changes that may have been made.

Thanks for your time and hope to see you there

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