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Teaching Assistants

The University of Calgary Ballroom Dance Club is a non-profit organization, run by elected officials, who rely on a large contingent of volunteers to assist in different ways. The largest group of these volunteers is the one comprising our Club Instructors and our Teaching Assistants.

These volunteers are a cohesive team of the Club’s best dancers who are committed to assisting all other Club members with their dancing skills. Each volunteer is on the floor for at least one class every week, passing on their knowledge and training. Many volunteers work two classes each week. Not only do they give their time each week, but they also attend a minimum of two training classes per week to improve their own skills, which enables them to assist others properly. In order to qualify as Instructors or Teaching Assistants, these special members attended intensive training sessions in August, so that they would be ready for the upcoming year. Our Club could not run without them, and they deserve your recognition.

This year, the Club will also be accepting volunteers as Administrative Teaching Assistants. These volunteers will be playing music for the dancers, assisting in setting up for classes, and working at the front desk. These volunteers are given the opportunity to attend the same advanced training as the other teaching assistants, to improve their skills on the dance floor.

All of our Club Instructors, Teaching Assistants, and Administrative Assistants receive benefits in addition to the dance training. If you are interested in becoming a Club volunteer, in any capacity, please talk to a Club Executive.

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