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Here you’ll find information on general skills as well as specific figures that our Club Professionals will be looking for to see if you’re ready to advance to the next class.

We are currently offering Intermediate/Advanced combination classes where Intermediate patterns are taught with additional advanced embellishments for advanced students.  This is done because due to space and hall availability and the level of demand we have experienced post Pandemic.

We are always looking for opportunities to expand the program to what it used to be pre-Pandemic.  We monitor demand and respond to it.  We are introducing American Intermediate Workshops as well as International Workshops to gauge the demand.  If there is sufficient demand we will plan to make these part of our standard offerings.

Details on our latest Classes and workshops can be found HERE.  They can be purchased HERE

Prerequisites for American Level 2 (Intermediate)

If you are ready for Level 2 (Intermediate), you should have an understanding of the basic character and movement of each dance taught in level 1 (e.g., Waltz floats and Two Step smoothly travels around the dance floor, while Cha-Cha is a more stationary, Latin influenced dance). You should also be able to dance most of the basic figures of each dance taught in level 1 with:

  • correct timing
  • good posture, frame and tone and the ability to use these to effectively lead/follow
  • good basic foot work (heel lead verses toe lead etc.)
  • the ability to apply line of dance and general floor craft rules

Social/Ballroom figures you should know before taking American Level 2 (Intermediate):

WaltzRumbaEast Coast SwingFoxtrotCha Cha
Box stepBox Basic in open positionBasicSide basic
Left turning boxLeft turning boxBasic in closed positionRock turn to leftProgressive basic
Progressive/Change stepsSide basic Basic turning right and left and simple transfers between open and closed positionsSway stepCrossover breaks
Balance steps/Hesitations5th position breaksFollower's underarm turns to right and leftPromenadeWalk-around turns
Box with underarm turnCrossover breaksCuddle/WrapPromenade underarm turnOutside partner breaks
Balance/Hesitation and boxOutside partner breaksHammerlock/WringerBackwards basicSimple chase (progressive basic with no hands)

Basic Country figures you should know before moving to American Level 2 (Intermediate):

Two StepNight ClubTriple Two StepCha Cha
BasicBasic BasicSide Basic
PromenadeFlat spin - follower's underarm turn to the rightFollower's flare (zig-zagging basic)Forward and back basic
Follower's outside turnSide travelling basicFollower's flare with underarm turn to the right (outside turn)Crossover breaks
Follower's outside turn from promenadeLeft turning basicRight turning loopOutside partner breaks
Wrap and walk outLeft turning basic with follower's inside turn (to the left)Right turning loop with follower's underarm turn to the right (outside turn)Fifth position breaks
Wrap and check turn outRight turning basicBasketWalk around turns for leader and follower
1/2 couple rotation to the rightRight turning basic with follower's outside turn (to the right)Left turning loopOpen break and underarm turn
Couple rotation to the rightWalk around underarm turnLeft turning loop with follower's underarm turn to the left (inside turn)Underarm turns for leader and follower
Sweetheart and free spin outLaceWrap3 Cha-cha-chas forwards and backwards
GrapevineCross-body lead

Prerequisites for American Level 3 (Advanced)

  • You have mastered your basics and a variety of figures in multiple dances and are now an intermediate level social dancer.
  • You have a more in-depth knowledge of the character and movement of the various dances taught in level 2 (eg. Waltz uses rise and fall, long strides and rotations to portray the couple elegantly swooping and gliding across the floor)
  • You have the ability to dance the majority of figures of each dance taught in level 2 in addition to the basics from level 1 (see prerequisites for Social 2) with such elements as:
    correct timing
    good posture, frame and tone and a more in-depth application of these with regards to leading/following
    enhanced footwork (use of supporting foot, elevation etc.)
    beginner level of various expressive elements such as: cuban motion, rise and fall, arm styling etc, effective floor craft and pattern combinations

Social figures you should know before moving to American Level 3 (Advanced):

WaltzRumbaEast Coast SwingCha ChaFoxtrot
Simple twinkleCross-body leadDouble face loopCross body leadZig zags inline
Face to face and back to backCrossover and side rocksBack hand change with "swim" variationChase turnsZig zags outside partner
Face to face and back to back from box with underarm turnCross-body lead to open Cuban walksTuck and free spins with L to R or R to R hand holds3 cha cha chasRock turn to right
Turn returnOpen break to follower's underarm turnHand slideDouble crossovers with flick/check and walk around turnSimple twinkle
Right boxShoulder catchSugar pushChase challengesPromenade twinkles (promenade to counter promenade and back to promenade)
Cradle circlesDouble overhead

Prerequisites for Interational Silver

  • You are an intermediate level dancer. You have experience and knowledge of many of the figures in the International Bronze syllabus OR have completed a year of level 3 in the social program and are comfortable using closed (body contact position) in the ballroom dances
  • You have refined the characters and typical movements of a variety of dances and now easily use elements such as hip action, rise and fall, and arm styling to express yourself on the dance floor
  • You have the ability to dance a variety of intermediate level figures in multiple dances with such elements such as: (1) correct timing, (2) good posture, frame, and tone, and effective lead/follow skills (3) refined footwork and improved balance and weight transfers, (4) intermediate level of expressive elements – hip action, rise and fall etc., and (5) good use of pattern combinations and good floor craft.

Figures you should know before taking International Silver

WaltzRumbaFoxtrotCha ChaTango
Natural turnBasic movementsFeather stepBasic movementsWalks
Change steps/closed changesNew YorksThree stepNew YorksProgressive side step
Reverse turnSpot turns/Underarm turnsNatural turnSpot turns/Underarm turnsProgressive link
Natural spin turnShoulder to shoulderReverse turnShoulder to shoulderClosed promenade
Whisks, forwards and backwardsHand to handClosed impetus and feather finishHand to handRock turn
Chasse from promenade positionProgressive rocksNatural weaveThree cha cha chasOpen reverse turn, follower's outside turn
Closed impetusFanChange of directionFanBack corte
Hesitation changeAlemanaAlemanaOpen reverse turn, follower inline
Outside changeHockey stickHockey stickLeft foot and right foot rocks
Progressive chasse to the rightNatural opening out movementNatural opening out movementTwist turn

Prerequisites for International Gold

  • You are an seasoned, intermediate + level dancer.
  • You have have taken the Silver class, preferably for a minimum of 2 years AND feel confident with the material presented OR you have other dance experience and are confident with the majority of the figures in both the International Bronze and Silver syllabus (see also Silver prerequisites)
  • You have refined the characters and typical movements of a variety of dances and now easily use elements such as various hip actions, rise and fall, sway and arm styling to express yourself on the dance floor
  • You have the ability to dance a variety of intermediate level figures in multiple dances with such elements such as: (1) correct timing and some basic phrasing, (2) very good posture, frame and tone and effective lead/follow skills, (3)  refined footwork and improved balance and settling of weight, (4) intermediate level of expressive elements – hip action, rise and fall etc., (5) very good use of pattern combinations, and (6) good floor craft.

Figures you should know before taking International Gold

WaltzRumbaFoxtrotCha ChaTango
Double reverse spinOpening out right and leftOpen impetusCuban breaks and split Cuban breaksProgressive side step reverse turn
Reverse pivotClosed hip twistClosed telemarkClosed hip twistOpen promenade
Weaves, basic and from promenadeOpen hip twistOpen telemarkOpen hip twistNatural promenade turn
Open impetusFan (development)Hover telemarkFan (development)Promenade link
Closed telemarkNatural topNatural telemarkNatural topFour step
Open telemarkReverse topHover crossReverse topFour step change
Cross hesitationAidaOutside swivelAidaBrush tap
WingSpiralWeaves, basic and from promenadeSpiralBack open promenade
Turning lockCurlTop spinCurlFall away promenade
Outside spinRope spinningReverse waveRope spinningOutside swivels


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